19 March 2008

my incomplete link list

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As most of you may have notice, my blog has moved to a new location. Now, I am in my own domain and in decent blogging platform (with a decent commentary system). All of my blog posts are here now. I am still setting up things here as fast as time permits. One of the things not finished yet is my link list and blogroll. There's no way to copy all of them from blogger to WordPress. It has to be done one by one. Since I don't want to miss anyone, I will take some time to finish it but if anyone wants to see their link/blog feature in my link list, leave a comment here, send me a email or drop on me a notecard in-world.

mail yahoo

Also, as time permits, I am bugging people in their own blogs/sites asking for updates on their links. So, if you haven't done it yet, please update it.
I have been asked in numerous occasions of I would allow a link to by blog. My answer is and always will be YES!. Really, isn't necessary to ask. Just do it! ;) I think it's flattering seeing my blog linked at other blogs/sites.

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