31 July 2007

e-justice center

model: Steve Hansen
I don't work there. I am just showing the uniforms that she made.

Congrats, Gwyn!

The amazing, fantastic, gorgeous Gwyneth Llewelyn just turned 3 years in SL! CONGRATS!!

30 July 2007

inventory issues

Are you loosing stuff from your inventory...? I've lost a cute pair of shoes and some furniture, so far. I was trying to rezzed the objects and got an error message. So, I cleaned the cache, I log off and I log back in, puff... they were gone!
/me cries!

Hope that anything else disappears. A friend of mine told me that she lost her whole collection of dances and HUD. Another friend told me that when someone returned some items they never popped up.
I have to pack alot of things in box and delete others. I have started doing that: giving stuff away and deleting no transfer items that I don't know what they are. Maybe the problem is that I have a big inventory...
Anyways, in this viewer I can't manage my inventory as well as I did before.

- Second Life JIRA -

Object Fails to Rezz, After Relog Item disappears from inventory

Inventory's Recent Items tab settings should persist across logins

Lose of inventory as it was returned, thus never returned to lost and found or in objects folder

Dragging multiple inventory items onto someone's profile only transfers the last selected

Lose of inventory as it was returned, thus never returned to lost and found or in objects folder

Inventory Loss due to non-transactional nature of inventory

Failure to rezz

Unable to connect to Second Life. DNS could not resolve the host name.

Friends list not building up correctly

Dates are not displayed in the local date format


Ziggy Puff has released the ZHAO II! In this ZHAO we can set up to 12 walks, stands, sits and groundsits. In the pack there's a notecard converter from the old notecard to the new one. And you can see the name of the walks/stands/sits which is quite helpful when you want to switch.
You can find it here or, if you can't TP, IM me and I will give you one.

You can read more about AO's (Animation Overrides) here, here and here.

29 July 2007

[review] PV - DESIGN Quality Handbags

Precious Vuckovic from PV Design showed me her new high quality handbags. You can see me wearing PV - Sac de ville 'ST.Tropez' black, PV - Sac de ville 'ST.Tropez' white / black, PV - Portefeuille 'Oceane' black pattern I and PV - Portefeuille 'Oceane' brown. I have met Precious and we talked about the handbags. The bling can be easily turn off (bling on/bling off) and soon she will add animation to the bags.

PV Design @ RedGrave

wearing: ETD Jessica - Copper (unreleased) | Blaze* Women's Power Suit - Charcoal | *FI* Blazer pastel blue | *FI* Royal Blue Button Up Shirt -short | *FI* Pastel Blue Dress Slacks low rise | (Shiny Things) Vintage Pumps, black

[review] Royal Blue - Plastic Fantastic

Marni Grut from Royal Blue dropped on me the new Plastic Fantastic sunglasses! You can choose from a variety of colours. In the store, besides the sunglasses, you can find Royal Blue line of clothes and some jewellery.

Royal Blue by Marni Grut

[review] She's So Unusual Shoes

Rowan Carroll from She's So Unusual Shoes sent me review copies of her new shoes: Ballet Flats, Tristrap Heels and Rolled Bandana Wedges. The shoes are all so cute! In the store you can find a wide variety of shoe styles and colours.

Ballet Flats!
Orange, Lemon, Cucumber, Apple, Raspberry, Blueberry, Mint, Milk, and Licorice
$95L each Transfer only
Tristrap Heels!
White, Blue, Coral, Pink, and Green!
$95L each Transfer only
Rolled Bandana Wedges!
Purple, Green, Blue and Red
$85L each Transfer only

She's So Unusual Shoes

wearing: ETD Chalisa II - Copper | (CS) Vogue Skin - Amber (Noir - Light) Freckled | []::Tuli::[] Tuesday moss | *SSUS* Licorice Ballet Flats | ::Soda:: Nadine Dress | *SSUS* White Tristrap Heels | *SSUS* Blue Rolled Bandana Wedges | *SSUS* Red Rolled Bandana Wedges

28 July 2007

[review] *SS*SweetHeart - Ocean Blue by Allure

Sparkle Skye from Allure dropped on me the beautiful SweetHeart outfit in ocean blue. This outfit has three options: short, teadress (medium) or gown. The textures are very shiny and very detailed. In the store you can find a huge selection of dresses, wedding gowns, silks, jewellery.


[review] CJ Hair - Christina

Claudine Jewell dropped on me some review copies of the hair she is making. CJ Hair has long, medium and updo styles for you to choose from. I am showing you Christina:

CJ Hair

27 July 2007

[review] Neko Gear

DarkLour Watanabe from Neko Gear invited me to check the store. I found this cute tintable couch, the street signs and the paw print cuffs. In the store you will also find bracelets, chokers and lots of cool stuff. Drop by and check it!

Neko Gear

26 July 2007


Check flickr! You will be amazed with the SL pics there...

Ana Lutetia. Get yours at bighugelabs.com/flickr

[review] Second Mirage

Britneyj Crimson from Second Mirage dropped on me the new releases from Second Mirage which includes Fiona leather necklace with Star of David, Fiona leather necklace with Thor's hammer, Fiona silver necklace with Star of David, Fiona silver necklace with Thor's hammer, Tory Loopy necklace gold, Tory Square necklace gold and Tory triple-necklace gold. All the jewellery is mod.

Tory - A Triple Threat Of Sexy Temptation!
Tory is a trio of bold, sassy necklaces! The shortest necklace is a series of rectangle links intricately interconnected. The mid-length is a chain of chunky circles that just clips the top of your cleavage. The third is a thin series of ringlets dipping dramatically onto the bust. An added bonus, a 4th necklace, gives the option to wear all three from a single attachment point!
Available in Gold from Second Mirage
$125/L per 4 necklace set Copy/Mod/NT

Second Mirage - main store

[review] Category 5 Boutique

Trinity Hartunian dropped on me the beautiful C5 dresses. I am wearing the blue and brown and the pink and green. The dresses come with two sizes of prim skirts and two pairs of pants (to wear under).
The boutique is quite recent in SL and also sells an elegant set of bustier and panties.

Category 5 Boutique

wearing: -N- "Pierce" - Coral | -N- (Bald) Alina Vintage Dangerous Eyelashes 2 | (Shiny Things) Tuxedo pumps - khaki


I was invited to model for mercury::couture a few days ago. (I am inside the tub!)
The store will, finally, open next Saturday with a totally new fashion vision!

25 July 2007


24 July 2007

portfolio book

I have been working on my portfolio. I am making new pics and searching for new locations. If you any good locations for pics, please drop me LM's in-world or leave a comment here.
I am making a book. Well, I am not making it. I am only setting it up. I found the THiNC Printing Press through Sin Vesta (thanks, dear!) and I have been busy working on mine. I want to have my portfolio updated and ready to give if anyone wants to hire me as a model.

Here's some of the pics I took:

If you want to see the book, IM in-world...

[review] fun-in-the-sun by Callie Cline

The amazing Callie Cline dropped on me her new summer dresses. You have six options to choose from. In all the dresses you'll have a short and a long skirt along with a neck scarf and a cute bow. Callie added a note to help you make the system skirt look good.
These dresses come in two different sets: Fun in the Sun and Fun in the Eastern Sun.


wearing: ETD Hailey - Crimson Faded (unreleased) | HYBRID II - Vestal - Face #11 | *SM* "Essential" Charcoal/White Stiletto (3rd Series)

23 July 2007

time for some fun

[review] SecondWave - Tennis Outfit

Sioxie Legend from Second Wave dropped on me the new Tennis Outfits. You can choose between Basic Min, Basic Yellow, Basic Red, Basic Purple, Basic Lt Blue, Blue Plaid, Green Plaid, Pink Plaid, Hawaiin Green Trim or Hawaiin Red Trim.
I am also wearing Hansen shoes in white. A perfect match to this outfit.

It is Love all at SecondWave Apparel. Cute Tennis outfit that inculdes a cute polo halter in several colors and patterns that you and your tennis partner will just adore! The polo comes on 3 layers and the glitch pants on 2 layers. The skirt that is included is color coordinated to match the polo - but don't let that stop you from mixing it up a little. Everything is transfer/modify. Price: $L125 for the next week or so.
Second Wave

[event] Come meet the designers in Givenchi


You've been wearing their creations, now get the chance to meet them! Join the announcements group "Givenchi Garment District News" to get all the details as they become available! The schedule for when each designer will be available will be posted to the group.

Prizes will be given away as well as a 2500L shopping spree for any and all stores at Givenchi Garment District! Must be present to win! Join the group so you know when the drawing will be held!

Saturday, July 28, 2007
10am-11am Gabrielle Gatueax of Chez Gabrielle
10am-11am GiveMeABig Oh of Bodies by Oh!
10am-11am Cherry Cheevers of Dolly Rock,
11am-12pm Sexyeyes Valkyrie, AFanstasy Emporium,
12pm-2pm Alyssa Bijoux, Alyssa Bijoux Jewelry

Sunday, July 29, 2007
3pm-4pm Anna Adamant, Jewelry by Anna
4pm-5pm Mischief Parvenu, Freak Fantasia Fashions
5pm-6pm Miriel Enfield of Miriel,

Schedule TBD
Callie Cline, Callie Cline,
mcgeeb Gupte, Jolie Femme,
Indyra Seigo, Indyra Originals
Nicky Ree, Designing Nicky Ree,
Tracey Crowley, Girls Place
Wiccan Sojourner of Bewitched Designs,

Givenchi Garment District

22 July 2007

[review] GuRL6

Six Kennedy from GuRL6 show me her new releases: Kendell, Brooke and Lola2. Six is always improve her hairstyles and her textures. In GuRL6 I have tons of gorgeous options for being a red hair. My favourite is the Sexy Red. It's so natural!
The everything pack of these hairstyles has 60 colours. I am showing you the red hair styles.


wearing: []::Tuli::[] tanned tone ~ organic | *Etchd* Ornate | *Kenzie* Andy Warhol Sweater Dress

[review] flowered babydoll and Denim belted by [MG fashion]

My friend Maria Gherardi from [MG fashion] sent me her new releases. I was tired of camping outside her store waiting for these! When I saw the flowered babydoll, I didn't knew what to say. It's so perfect!
The babydoll even has a cute bow to attach. You can buy the fat pack or separates in baby pink, blue, brown, dark olive, pink or sea green. In the denim belted you have capris, flared and straight, shorts and a skirt. You can choose from brown, charcoal, dark wash, light pink or light wash.

(Click here to see all the details)
MG Fashion

skin: ::Soda:: Andrea Skin - Latte - Oceana - Freckled
hair: -ND- "Dare" - Coral
shoes: (Shiny Things) Vintage Pumps, plum
jewellery: [Encore] Timeless Teardrop Necklace (white pearl) and String Pearl Bracelet, Pale

[review] Alidar - The Gold Standard by SecondMirage

Britneyj Crimson from Second Mirage sent me (a few days ago) the Alidar set. This set contains earrings, choker and bracelets. She has just release new jewellery: Tory - Gorgeous gold necklaces. So, go on there and see all it.

Alidar is the gold standard for jewelry sets! Featuring a golden choker - which is comprised of two circlets of beads joined together by delicate Vs of golden filaments - the set also includes matching earrings and bracelets. Hit the jackpot with this golden set!
Available at our main store on Second Mirage or at our satellite store on Ivalde.
$300L/per set, Copy/Mod/NT

Second Mirage - main store

modeling for G.L.A.M.

The new outfits from G.L.A.M. would be out in the store (only) next Monday...

[live event] Mankin Tracer in Portucalis

21 July 2007

[MG Fashion] sneak a peek

photo booth

I could resist the photo booth! There's just one thing: I can figure out how does it dispenses frames...

You can see it (an buy it) in Tableau.