23 July 2007

[review] SecondWave - Tennis Outfit

Sioxie Legend from Second Wave dropped on me the new Tennis Outfits. You can choose between Basic Min, Basic Yellow, Basic Red, Basic Purple, Basic Lt Blue, Blue Plaid, Green Plaid, Pink Plaid, Hawaiin Green Trim or Hawaiin Red Trim.
I am also wearing Hansen shoes in white. A perfect match to this outfit.

It is Love all at SecondWave Apparel. Cute Tennis outfit that inculdes a cute polo halter in several colors and patterns that you and your tennis partner will just adore! The polo comes on 3 layers and the glitch pants on 2 layers. The skirt that is included is color coordinated to match the polo - but don't let that stop you from mixing it up a little. Everything is transfer/modify. Price: $L125 for the next week or so.
Second Wave

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