26 July 2007

[review] Second Mirage

Britneyj Crimson from Second Mirage dropped on me the new releases from Second Mirage which includes Fiona leather necklace with Star of David, Fiona leather necklace with Thor's hammer, Fiona silver necklace with Star of David, Fiona silver necklace with Thor's hammer, Tory Loopy necklace gold, Tory Square necklace gold and Tory triple-necklace gold. All the jewellery is mod.

Tory - A Triple Threat Of Sexy Temptation!
Tory is a trio of bold, sassy necklaces! The shortest necklace is a series of rectangle links intricately interconnected. The mid-length is a chain of chunky circles that just clips the top of your cleavage. The third is a thin series of ringlets dipping dramatically onto the bust. An added bonus, a 4th necklace, gives the option to wear all three from a single attachment point!
Available in Gold from Second Mirage
$125/L per 4 necklace set Copy/Mod/NT

Second Mirage - main store

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