01 July 2007

[review] Blossom Kimonos by Ookami Ningen

Vivianne Draper from Ookami Ningen dropped in my inventory some beautiful kimonos.
The textures are remarkable and the kimonos are awesome. This isn't something I would wear everyday in SL but the kimonos are truly marvellous!
In the packages you will find the complete outfit including shoes:

SL-AnaLutetia116.jpg, originally uploaded by Ana Lutetia.

SL-AnaLutetia117.jpg, originally uploaded by Ana Lutetia.

SL-AnaLutetia115.jpg, originally uploaded by Ana Lutetia.

All four Blossom Kimonos (Lily, Peony, Rose, and Sakura) are individually priced at L$250. There are 12 pieces in each individual set.
Permissions on all Ookami Ningen products are mod/no copy/transfer.
Ookami Ningen
skin: Charmed (CS) | hair: Tessa by ETD

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