05 July 2007

[review] DEKA Fashions

Elena Durnan dropped me some goodies from DEKA Fashions. She and her family are starting into SL fashion and they still setting up their store. I am wearing: DEKA - Biohazard, DEKA - Betty Boop, DEKA - Primavera, DEKA - La Dolce Vita (blue), DEKA - Roman Nights gown, DEKA - Bronze Dream Bikini, DEKA - Montecarlo bikini and DEKA - Nautica bikini (red). I like the Primavera outfit but my favourite is La Dolce Vita.
The bikinis come in the underpants and undershirt layer. Permissions are no copy/no modify.

SL-AnaLutetia121.jpg, originally uploaded by Ana Lutetia.

SL-AnaLutetia122.jpg, originally uploaded by Ana Lutetia.

SL-AnaLutetia123.jpg, originally uploaded by Ana Lutetia.

DEKA Fashions

skin: (DN) Vogue Skin - Amber (Last Call - Fishnet) | hair by Naughty | shoes by Shiny Things

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