02 November 2007

[review] Second Wave Fashion - Cocktail Tuxedo Dress

Sioxie Legend from Second Wave Fashion dropped on me her latest creations: the Tux Dresses. These dresses are available in baby blue, black, blue, crimson, emerald, gold, peuce, pink and white. Each set contains lace cami (shirt and undershirt), longe sleeves lace top (shirt and undershirt), silk gloves, prim tux bowtie, prim skirt, glitch pants and tux top.
To pair with this outfits, you can find at Bonbonniere Bow Strap Heels and Chandelier Bow Earrings.
To celebrate her RezDay, Sioxie is having a huge sale. Everything in the store is 25% to 50% off! Since everything is very affordable at SWA you will find bargains at the sale.

Second Wave

wearing: Aenea's Fireflies | ETD Bonita II - Crimson Faded | *Sin Skins* Fluff Lashes | (CS) Vogue Skin - Amber (Noir - Glitter) Freckled | TESLA - 'Diva' Heels black, white and jade

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