17 November 2007

Moire's RezDay Party and Sale!

Moire Georgette from bossa nova is throwing her RezDay party and to celebrate her first year in SL she is making a huge sale!

YAY! One year on SL, can you believe that? I almost don't :). To celebrate that, I'm having a big rezzday bash at my main store in amour, tomorrow, november 17, starting on 3pm and going until 7pm at least! There will be a freebie gift box and a HALF OFF SALE on ALL my items from tomorrow till sunday - ALL off them, except of course the new SHINE releases. Speaking of which, one of them is pictured, the other two are a secret ^_^. They will be revealed tomorrow during the party.

So, let's recap:
- PARTY! Tomorrow, 17th november, from 3pm to 9pm SLT (the parcel will be closed for an hour or two prior to the event, so I can prepare stuff);
- SALE! 50% off in ALL my items, except Shine limited editions, starting at the same time as the party (tomorrow, 17th, 3pm - don't forget the store will be closed for a couple hours beforehand!), and going till sunday night;
- Release of the new SHINE limited editions, with all proceeds going to Medecins Sans Frontiers

That's it, guys. Hope to see you all tomorrow!


bossa nova

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