13 August 2007


There's a new way to receive group notices without wasting group slots or receiving annoying IM's in group chat: Subscribe-O-Matic. I have subscribe two groups. I believe this a great concept. Instead of group notices that won't always work the news will be sent out as IM's and group freebies will be delivered directly to the inventory. So, where's the next kiosk to subscribe...?

Synthetik Headquarters | SLExchange | Shop OnRez

I have IMmed the creator telling him what a great system this is and made a suggestion: create a list of stores using the system instead of hearing about it in word of mouth. MSo Lambert is really a great person and respond me promptly telling what big news are being in the works to improve the system!
While the list of stores/businesses isn't set, you can find here the list made by Tanya Book.
For the time being I will use both systems. I will not leave all the groups I am in. But I would like to know the notices about other groups I can't join because of the slots.

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