31 August 2007

Insufficient Account Information deptID is empty!

SL is playing with us. The Portuguese who I talked to tonight are experiencing huge problems in SL. We can't stay in-world... A friend of mine tried to report it and got the weirdest error: Insufficient Account Information deptID is empty! Somehow, I managed to creat a report - it was off too.
I had to login for each piece of clothe I wanted to wear. I spent the past 3, maybe 4h, waiting for my shape, inventory to load and trying to get dressed. When I clicked on an item nothing happened (textures, not prims). Lag is so impossible everywhere that didn't allow me to walk. Received the stupid *something is wrong with DNS* error. My avatar starts to run by herself (maybe she's alive). My AO doesn't work properly and I get stuck everywhere. Finally, deleted the cache folder, flushed DNS, re-install SL, reboot my pc and seems normal (according to SL standards).
Now I am so sleepy (look at the time on the post) that I am off to bed...

Anyone knows what is deptID...?
If this is about age verification I have to say that my 18th anniversary was a long time ago!

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