26 August 2007

[review] jewellery

June Fallon from Julex Boutique dropped on me these cute earrings. They have bling but you can easily turn it of with 'bling off' command. The Allure earrings - wings, hoop charms and fleur d lis - can be found at the top right of the store. The earrings are mod.
The hoop charms are absolutely adorable!

Koge Cleaver from {JUNK} sent me the new collection of peacock eye earrings. These earrings come in five different colours: amber, blue, green, purple and red. They are mod and no transfer. It's a small store but with some cute jewellery.

Eyva Matova just opened her jewellery store: Bébé. I couldn't make it to the opening (timezone issues, as usual...) but I want to show you some goodies you will find at Bébé. In the store you will find earrings, necklaces and bangles. And there's also a Subscrib-O-Matic at the store.

wearing: [ND] Natural Reds - "Crave" and (CS) Vogue Skin - Amber (Brown - Light) Freckled

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