31 August 2007

[review] .:-CatniP-:.

Rinoa Makira dropped on me a few goodies: .:-CatniP-:. Kitty Skittles and .:-CatniP-:. Polky Warmer Set. Besides the cute stuff from CatniP, in the store, you will also find other vendors with grunge styles.


wearing: Perfect Image Glow | *=Hybrid v2=* Neko | * 0 Style *Mike*Red | *Sin Skins* Portia Lashes | (CS) Vogue Skin - Amber (Noir - Light) Freckled | Virus Co. - Camo Strapped | *Etchd* Creeper | NG-Strapped-Black-On-Black-Skirt | NG-TornBlack-Halter-Top-Set | Phlat Ballet Flats Box(Dotty/Black Trim)

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