19 August 2007

[review] Dutch Touch ~ Che Black

Iki Ikarus from Dutch Touch sent me one latest releases: Che Black. Once again, she made gorgeous outfits. In Che Black you will find lots of options to mix and match which includes two colours for the Socks Striped Torned and T-shirt. Besides this outfit, she's also release a lot more outfits and her hoodies are my favourites around SL. Still here? Click on the LM below the pictures!

The pics were taken in Saijo City.
Dutch Touch

wearing (CS) Vogue Skin - Amber (Noir - Mid) Freckled | Refuge: Jayce [carrot] | Awesome Glitter Manicure & Pedicure Combo Black | (Shiny Things) Old Laceup Boots - black

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