25 August 2007

[review] shoes

I don't usually throw designers together in one post but since I am reviewing shoes...

First, Hagen DeSantis from HDS Footwear showed me his collection of shoes. I think he has some cool new ideas about footwear and that was my main reason for showing the Claudine Heels. I am showing these heels in the both purple versions, blue and gold.

I went to see the hats at Tesla Miles stores and found the Jane Stilletos. These amazing shoes are sculpties. She provides a demo for the shoes at the store and they come in earth, fire, ocean, lime, night and leopard.

Rowan Carroll from She's So Unusual Shoes dropped on me some of the new releases. I am wearing Elda's Clockwork Platforms and Tan Buckle Mules. These are, in fact, different (unusual) shoes.

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