22 August 2007

[review] Angry Monkey

Vas Legend dropped on me the new amazing releases from [Angry Monkey]: Distruzio's Banjo, Distruzio's Belt, Distruzio's hat, Road Warrior Gloves and Roo'lar. Distruzio's pieces are part of the Steampunk collection.
All the prim work is simply amazing and the store is also an art piece. In the articles you will find two sizes (regular and small). That way men and women can wear all!

[Angry Monkey]

wearing: Perfect Image Glow | ETD Trinitee - Apricot Burnt | MM-Light SkinGloss-Base | **Mis** NexGen Denim - BlackOut Flares | ~Hansen Shoes~ Womens Black Suede

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