24 August 2007

[review] *** Mimikri hot couture ***

Mimikri Kit dropped on me some of the fabulous outfits of her store: City Cat/Outfit sky, City Cat/Leather Jacket silver, Roses and Kismet olive. The City Cat outfit has three gorgeous sets to choose from: red, black and silver. In the Kismet outfit you can choose between red, black or green. All of them are gorgeous and the rest of the outfits at the store are amazing in very affordable prices.

Mimikri hot couture
Pics were taken in Fallen Reflections.

wearing: Vitamin Ci-Body Lights | Awesome Glitter Manicure & Pedicure Combo Black | AVEDA by ETD: AI - Long Wavy - AVEDA Ruby | +LD+ chai - cafe | SIN - "Michelle" Pumps (black) | elka:random - Cameo & Sautoir | Gothic Lolita Necklace (black) *Red Ruin* | Calla Pearl Wrap Bracelet (Pale Pink)

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