31 August 2007

[review] Neko Gear

DarkLour Watanabe from Neko Gear has been busy! You find lots of clothes now in Neko Gear. I am showing you the Blue Dots Halter Top Set, Flower Undies Set, Grey Harlequin Mini Tank Set. This set are poifect for mix and match because they came in all the layers. I am also pairing the Strapped Black On Black Skirt with Torn Black Halter Top (set). In the store you will find lots of colours in the halters, tops, skirts.
Everytime I go to Neko Gear I always meet people. It's a store that seems a hangout place because I always find fantastic people in there.

Cute Gear Sexy Clothes = Dangerous Kittens
Neko Gear and I may be the new kid on the block but I see a lot of need for good neko products. There’s a lot of potential out there for creating, building and learning, so I thought I might as well stick my 2 cents into this global SL world. Hence Neko Gear was created as my way of giving and making a way in SL. I hope to bring new and creative ideas and products to SL and to you all in the neko community through the Neko Gear brand. I invite you all to say hello and I am open to any and all comments or questions. Need help? Just ask me. :)

Neko Gear

wearing: Perfect Image Glow | *=Hybrid v2=* Neko | * 0 Style *Mike*Red | *Sin Skins* Portia Lashes | (CS) Vogue Skin - Amber (Noir - Light) Freckled | Virus Co. - Camo Strapped | <*> LAST CALL: Bound Bolo (Black)

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