14 August 2007

about the commentary system

Some people told me that couldn't find the comments link in my posts. Instead of using the default blogger system I am using haloscan and I don't use IE. Well, I hate IE and I've heard that he doesn't like me either... I use Firefox, sometimes Flock and other times Safari. This blog is optimized to Firefox in 1024x768. The haloscan has another catch: you can only see the url in the original page of the blog. If you are seeing one entry instead of the initial page you can't find the comments. The footer of the entry should look like the top image of the post.
Firefox | Flock | Safari (for Windows)
Besides, this blog has Flash and Java that can be updated here:
Shockwave Player | Adobe Flash Player | Java

Early posts about this:
browsing and surfing | Flock and flickr

My blog with comments looks like this but if you only seeing one post this is what you see. Mystery solved!

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