04 November 2007

about Halloween

I don't celebrate Halloween... For me, is far more interesting to know where this tradition was created (as well as all other traditions that I celebrate). Halloween is becoming popular in some areas around the world due to American culture. In Portugal there a few Halloween parties mainly because the first of November is a holiday (All Saints Day). For costumes parties we have Carnaval (in February) - an Ancient Roman tradition.
Did you know that Halloween, originally, it was a celebration of the end of the harvest season in Gaelic culture? I didn't. I've learned that, in Halloween, Black symbolizes death, night, witches, black cats, bats, vampires and Orange symbolizes pumpkins, jack o' lanterns, Autumn, the turning leaves, fire.

I am a little late for this but I wanted to show you the Treat Bucket that you can find at Schadenfreude. This is a scripted Treat Bucket made by Allegory Malaprop. As soon as you wear, it gives you the instructions: Treat Bucket, Schadenfreude 2007: Type '/13 trick or treat', '/13 dark', or '/13 light'

At the store you will find other treats...
Schadenfreude SLurl

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