13 November 2007

[review] ::SugarCube:: Ketty

Yuuki Kurosawa and Sayuri Cremorne are the talented designers from SugarCube. Yuuki mainly does hair and shoes while Sayuri designs outfits and makes poses. I adore that store!
I am showing an outfit from the store and the hair you can find at SugarCube. The outfits are always so cute that you can wrong wearing one. The hair has amazing textures. I only wished that the hair also come in red...
At the store you will also find a newbie pack and a free skin and shape.


wearing: light: Aenea's Fireflies | skin: (CS) Vogue Skin - Amber (Fall - 4) Freckled | manicure: Awesome Designs Manicure Glitter Nails Black | outfit: ::SC - Maze of Love | shoes: ::SC - ketty Ribbon wood sandal

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