24 November 2007

Poll 1

I believe it is important to know what the readers want to know (or see) when they read a post. That is the main reason why there was a poll in here. The result is obvious: people want to know the prices of the items showed.
In the future, I will add the prices of the reviewed items when I have them available. If the price isn't available it will because the designer didn't send me the prices and I didn't had time by finding it. However, I will search for it.
For me, the prices aren't that important. That is why I never posted the prices of the articles.
In the future, I will make more polls because I truly believe that feedback is important and if you have an idea to improve the contents of the blogs let me know.
I have included, in the side, SLurl's to help you find locations. Hope that helps!

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