14 November 2007

[review] Natasha Boots by INSOLENCE

camilla Yosuke from Insolence made Winter boots. These boots are available in 4 colours: brown, camel, charcoal and violet:

Beware, these boots are really tight around the ankle and lower leg. You definetly need ZERO size feet, and a rather thin body to wear these. I made them mod so that you can edit them to fit your shape.
I give you the strong advice NOT TO EDIT LINKED PARTS, or you will fall into a real nightmare to align these properly. Instead, just RESIZE and eventually MOVE the 2 parts as linksets, using the attachment ruler.
Again, these designs rely on the use of a ugly script to make them look good. If you wear these shoes in a NO SCRIPT ZONE, they WILL LOOK BAD. I still hope Linden Lab fixes this limitation soon !

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