20 July 2007

[review] Jade by INSOLENCE and Callie Cline

camilla Yosuke sent me her new lingerie (with caLLie cLine). For me, Insolence has one of the best lingerie, if not the best, lingerie I ever saw in SL. I don't wear it much but these are SO beautiful that every girl should have, at least, one of these sets in her inventory.
The boxes are adorable (as usual). The set comes with six colours: Blue, Purple, Blush, Yellow, Slate, and White. A colour for each taste. In each set there's a a bra, a corset (strap and strapless versions), panties, garter belts, and a pair of stockings. In the packs, you will also find two of caLLie's rainbowas: one in white and long and one matching the lingerie set.
The only ones I haven't show you in the pics are the white and yellow.


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