29 July 2007

[review] PV - DESIGN Quality Handbags

Precious Vuckovic from PV Design showed me her new high quality handbags. You can see me wearing PV - Sac de ville 'ST.Tropez' black, PV - Sac de ville 'ST.Tropez' white / black, PV - Portefeuille 'Oceane' black pattern I and PV - Portefeuille 'Oceane' brown. I have met Precious and we talked about the handbags. The bling can be easily turn off (bling on/bling off) and soon she will add animation to the bags.

PV Design @ RedGrave

wearing: ETD Jessica - Copper (unreleased) | Blaze* Women's Power Suit - Charcoal | *FI* Blazer pastel blue | *FI* Royal Blue Button Up Shirt -short | *FI* Pastel Blue Dress Slacks low rise | (Shiny Things) Vintage Pumps, black

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