20 July 2007

[review] MM Picnic Set

Maximilian Milosz from Maximum Minimum sent me the MM Picnic Set. I love MM furniture. So stylish, so detailed. I've placed it on my beach and was amazed with all the treats in my picnic: from red wine to champagne and Perrier water, a candle, fruits and cheese and some cake. This the perfect picnic set. Nothing was forgotten for a perfect afternoon.

The MM Picnic Set is perfect for that special romantic moment and is sure to impress and make your partner feel good. Either in your garden or other romantic location in SL.
- Romantic couples sit poses included.
- Click umbrella to expand/retract.
- When rezzed and saved, the blanket can be clicked to change texture
- All pieces are copyable so you can use it over and over.
- Being copyable even means you can use the glasses/ bottles for your parties too.
- The most primmy pieces are modable so you can delete things if needed.
- Picnic basket and umbrella
- Texture changing picnic blanket
- Champagne in a cooler, red wine, mineral water and hot coffee
- Cutting board with a variety of delicacies
- Plate with club sandwich and chicken
- Fruit platter and desserts
- Mixed mod/copy/no transfer
- Prims: 197
- Footprint: 4x3m

Maximum Minimum

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