01 July 2007

[review] DIY Bracelet

My friend Tenshi Vielle sent me the new bracelet from Punch Drunk. (The bracelet was done by Tenshi to Punch Drunk.)
I don't wear much jewellery in SL (or in RL) but one thing I love is bracelets. You can add something special to an outfit just by wearing a single simple bracelet.
The DYI bracelet is something I’d love to have in RL. I don’t like gold but I adore silver. So, it really is my kind of jewellery.
This cute bracelet will be release next Monday!

SL-ModelPortfolio0642.jpg, originally uploaded by Ana Lutetia.

SL-ModelPortfolio0643.jpg, originally uploaded by Ana Lutetia.

SL-ModelPortfolio0644.jpg, originally uploaded by Ana Lutetia.

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Mischief | Punch Drunk

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