07 July 2007

[review] Frustrated Inc.

Veronyka Heckroth dropped on me alot of goodies from Frustrated Inc.Their stuff is SO cool! You can see me wearing DarkGrrl Jeans, Leopard Leggings, PolkaSpots Top-Bloo, Rainy Day Dress, Tough Mini-Black, Victorian Top Black, Armwarmers-B&W, Granny Cardigan- Magic Magenta and Moth Eaten Granny Cardigan-Tar.

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Frustrated Inc.
**Brand spankin' new store!**
Filled with many super pimp items ranging from retro to trashy. Not slutty trashy but really trashy. We've got casuals, dresses, accessories,and the most awesomey jeans ev-uh!
Don't believe us? See for yourself.
Bettie and Veronyka

Frustrated Inc.

wearing: (DN) Vogue Skin - Cashmere (Ether - Void) | ETD Dainty - Copper | ETD Naomi - Copper Burnt | Maitreya Dune - Black | ~Hansen Shoes~ Womens Black Suede

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