29 July 2007

[review] She's So Unusual Shoes

Rowan Carroll from She's So Unusual Shoes sent me review copies of her new shoes: Ballet Flats, Tristrap Heels and Rolled Bandana Wedges. The shoes are all so cute! In the store you can find a wide variety of shoe styles and colours.

Ballet Flats!
Orange, Lemon, Cucumber, Apple, Raspberry, Blueberry, Mint, Milk, and Licorice
$95L each Transfer only
Tristrap Heels!
White, Blue, Coral, Pink, and Green!
$95L each Transfer only
Rolled Bandana Wedges!
Purple, Green, Blue and Red
$85L each Transfer only

She's So Unusual Shoes

wearing: ETD Chalisa II - Copper | (CS) Vogue Skin - Amber (Noir - Light) Freckled | []::Tuli::[] Tuesday moss | *SSUS* Licorice Ballet Flats | ::Soda:: Nadine Dress | *SSUS* White Tristrap Heels | *SSUS* Blue Rolled Bandana Wedges | *SSUS* Red Rolled Bandana Wedges

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