23 March 2009

freebie culture - take 2

So, I run a pose shop inSL and decided to get a Lucky Chair and a Midnight Mania game to get more traffic. Obviously, it didn't work as I expected and only I got were headaches...

[14:01] name removed: hello any chance you are online ?
[me] No. I am offline... responding by email
[14:07] name removed: err i just left you a note card...... but i will tell you what is on it.... i registered for your MM last night, and i've search my inventory i dont see it anywhere i know how to search to make sure its not misplaced or something.... is there any chance you could resend the fresh poses pack
[14:07] name removed: when you are online i mean
[me] You registered in...? Sorry, didn't get it.
[14:13] name removed: correct
[me] I am not following. what have you registering in...? I went to my transaction history and your name is not there.
[14:24] name removed: i was suppose to get a copy of your fresh poses from last nights MM board....... it said it was delievering it..... but i never got it......
[me] oh... I am sorry. It's a game and if the board didn't deliver I can't replace it as I don't have any way to verify it. Also, the board will be removed soon like the lucky chair and lucky letters were removed
[14:31] name removed: you cannot take my word on it ? i mean if i were trying to cheat you, or anyone, surely i would/could come up with a better plan or story, other than i didnt get a MM gift
[me] I am sorry you didn't receive your freebie from a game but, however, all the poses are for sale in my store and you can buy them...
[14:49] name removed: thank you :) if i had the extra money or the inclination to buy them i would never have wasted the last half hour typing back and forth with you about it.... i would simply have bought it..... it seems your not very sympathetic or helpful and thats your perogative :) if you think that style earns you a better customer base then by all means :) me myself i know i would support and buy from a store that was nice and helpfull, twice as fast as i would buy from one that was stingy and a tight wad..... if i misunderstand you, or your having a bad day, i am sorry.... but if this is your normal way, its prolly for the best i dont have it.... and so i need not bother you for anything again in the future.....

Dear freebie collector, whenever you have the extra money for my extremely affordable poses (that ranges from 22L$ to 75L$) and the inclination you are more than welcome to come back.
Thank you for spending the last hour typing with me and I am truly sorry for wasting your time while I was responding at work through my email. Don't you worry that next time I won't take your time...

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