20 April 2009

ADvertise in analutetia.com

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Have you ever consider advertising in SL™ blogs or even magazines? Have you thought about having your AD in one of top SL™ blogs?

Because I like stats and they can be useful, here's my Alexa and Compete ranking side by side with some of the major fashion websites about Second Life®:

AnaLutetia.com :: 429,003
Fashion World of SL :: 293,277

As you can see, considering this is a one person blog it has excellent rankings.
Place your AD in one of most visited SL™ blogs!

You can check ALEXA rankings by installing the Alexa toolbar. Or you can also add some other cool addons to your Firefox:
* SearchStatus 1.29 (will show Google Page Rank for the websites you visit)
* Live PageRank 0.9.6 (will show you Google Page Rank and Alexa ranking for the websites)

The ADs can be 125 x 125 pixels or 468 x 90 pixels.
The payment will be made through a (scripted) prim placed in my blog HQ for both solutions: only my blog or Joint ADs. For now, the partnership is only between my blog and JuicyBomb.
According to Second Effects list, my blog is in the Top10 of most read SL™ blogs. Your AD will be seen in one of the most read Second Life® blogs!

Os anúncios podem ser de 125x125 ou 468x90 pixels.
O pagamento realiza-se através de um objecto scriptado no espaço do meu blog para ambas as soluções: somente para o meu blog e para os anúncios conjuntos. Por enquanto, a parceria é somente entre o meu blog e o blog JuicyBomb.
De acordo com a lista publicada no blog Second Effects, o meu blog encontra-se no Top10 de blogs mais lidos no SL™. Assim, o seu anúncio será visto num dos blogs mais lidos do Second Life®!

Die Anzeigen können in den Größen 125 x 125 oder 468 x 90 Pixel gestaltet sein.
Die Bezahlung erfolgt durch ein (gescriptetes) Prim, das sich in meinem Blog HQ befindet und für beide Lösungen funktioniert: nur mein Blog oder Joint ADs. Zurzeit besteht die Partnerschaft nur zwischen meinem Blog und JuicyBomb.
Der Second Effects Liste zufolge steht mein Blog in den Top 10 der
meistgelesenen SL™ Blogs. Ihre Anzeige wird also in einem der meistgelesenen Second Life® Blogs zu sehen sein!

Les publicités peuvent être de 125x125 pixels ou bien de 468x90 pixels.
Le paiement se fera pour les deux solutions (seulement sur mon blog ou publicités sur les blogs partenaires) par un prim (scripté) se trouvant au QG de mon blog. Pour le moment le partenariat est seulement entre mon blog et JuicyBomb.
Selon la liste du blog Second Effects mon blog est dans le top 10 des blogs SL™ les plus lus. Votre publicité sera vue dans un des blogs les plus lus de Second Life®!

宣伝のためのテキスチャーは125 x 125 ピクセルか 468 x 90
ピクセルに限られます。支払いはどちらの宣伝方法(私のブログでのみ行うか、他のブログと共同で行うか)を使うにしても、私の ブログ本部 に設置してあるプリムを通じて行われます。現在のところ、私のブログとJuicyBombだけがパートナーシップを組んでいます。Second Effects(セカンドイフェクト)の調査によると、私のブログはSL(tm)ブログの中で最も読まれているブログのトップ10にリストされています。ここにあなたの宣伝を載せれば、最も広く購読されているセカンドライフ(R)ブログの中で掲載されることになるのです。

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