01 November 2009

the other (viewers)

the other (viewers)

SL™ viewers
Before I became aware that there were other viewers to log in Second Life® besides the official one, I used to always use the Release Candidate viewer. Somehow, the RC always had a better performance than the official viewer which is weird - I know. Usually, in the RC it's expected to crash a lot more and have a poor performance but, for me, it was always the other way around. So, one day I decided to try the alternate viewers and got used to have 3 or 4 SL™ viewers in my desktop.
Lately, my preference goes to the Emerald viewer and it's quite easy to understand why. The team behind the Emerald build is one that listens to what SLers want in a viewer. We, residents, give suggestions and see them implemented with each release. Or the releases completely blows us away with the new features implemented. C'mom - how many viewers have a built in radar and AO and also extra attachment options?

Residents who use third party viewers with the functionality described above to violate our Terms of Service or Community Standards, will be warned and then suspended from the service.

Reading something like this make me thing if I am doing something wrong by using an alternate viewer, like Emerald, Imprudence or Kristen's viewer?

Poll: What is your favourite SL™ viewer/client? http://analutetia.com/#pd_a_2192740

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