10 February 2007

Fashion Consolidated

There is a new group to be in. Look up Fashion Consolidated (or FashCon). This is a solution that Honey Fairweather thought for the 25 limit groups. It's a great group and everyday I get notices about new fashion trends. By now there are about 350 people and more than 90 designers.
By the way, love that purse. Where can I get it?

Fashion Consolidated Welcome and Introduction

*** "FashCon: Because Sometimes 25 Isn't Enough" ***

Welcome to Fashion Consolidated! The purpose of this group is to beat SL's 25-group limit for the shopaholic who wants to keep up with their favourite designers' announcements. I've made it because I personally run into the problem all the time, and figured out a solution then looked for it. It didn't exist, so here it is!

I'm at the 25 SL group limit. I'm in a number of groups both social and for shopping announcements from all my favourite vendors and I need to join a new group. What do I do? I have to go through and pick a group to drop and it's murder... and I'm going to miss that new announcement from the group I dropped :(

The idea's simple: a single group, Fashion Consolidated ("FashCon" for short) to which designers post their announcements as well as to their own groups. Often of course you'll want to stay also in your very favourite designers' groups too - this is here to back that up so you get a wider set of announcements as well, and also keep up with designers you may know less well, and suddenly see that dress you can't LIVE WITHOUT. It's also of course just for people who want to consolidate announcements into one group membership to make SL life a little easier. Finally it gives a platform to smaller, new, exciting designers who may not have a group or audience to show their wonderful new designs to: people you may never hear of otherwise and may have clothes, skins or hair to die for. Catch new talent early and dazzle everyone with your style!

I'm really pleased to say that a lot of designers big and small have already signed up and will be sending announcements also to this list. It's growing daily, but the list as of 1st February 2007 is:

Sol (Luminosity)
Fallingwater (Shiny Things)
Six (Gurl6)
Kit (CKS)
Roslin (Tete A Pied)
Carryn (Tickled Pink)
Ameshin (Curious Kitties)
Keishii (Goth1c0)
Rose (Wilted Rose)
Calyx (-C-itten)
Jackal (Lassitude & Ennui)
Jennyfur (Deadly Nightshade)
Nicky (Nicky Ree)
Vivianne (Bare Rose)
Zorena (Bare Rose and Ookami)
Miriel (Miriel)
Callie (caLLie cLine at Funk)
Digit (X3D Apparel)
Elka (!BF!)
Random (Shy Neon)
Antonia (artilleri)
Kaysha (WRONG)
Shai (Casa del Shai)
Canimal (Canimal)
Elwe (Lesser Mortals)
Aleri (Diversity Hair)
Julliette (Tres Blah)
hyasynth (silentsparrow)
Yuka (Lapointe Designs)
Zoe (Temenos Island)
Kenny (Kalico)

I'm expecting some more big names to sign up soon - groups of designers who are meeting to check through the idea and say yes. FashCon also may in due course be doing silly stuff like handing out rubbishy freebies to members too :)

You may already be asking: "but will i be deluged with announcements?". This is my main job as I see it - to tailor how often vendors make announcements so that (a) FashCon regulars see new announcements in a timely way, and (b) FashCon casuals don't get flooded with too many if they only connect to SL once every few days. This is a compromise and I'll try to get the balance right. I'm very happy to say that all the vendors who've joined have been extremely positive and helpful in making suggestions and understanding the balance needed, and my plan currently is to ask them to post only a set limit of announcements in a given period - very active designers have been happy to say they'll glue together multiple announcements into one for FashCon if they think they may go over the limit, to keep the traffic down. I'll be trying to tweak this with vendors directly as the list goes on to keep it sane - I may wobble a bit as it first beds down, so please hang in there.

Finally, I want to add that this group isn't meant to overlap any others. Six's Fashion Emergency group is a wonderful help in finding those crazy red neko boots you've been hunting for, and this group isn't for that. For that reason I'd like you to try to keep group IMs to the point: to discuss the announcements you see only. Any wider ranging fashion advice please do take over to groups like Six's, but feel free to discuss the latest announcements as they pop up - the vendors are all in the group too and may pop their heads in to answer questions when they announce.

Oh and if you're a vendor, please just IM me to join to make announcements! Or if you'd like your favourite vendor to join in, feel free to pass this on, or ask them to IM me directly.

Thanks for reading! Look forward to seeing you on FashCon as a new FashConnoisseur.
- Honey Fairweather, shopping addict.

*** "FashCon: I'm Over 25" ***

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