19 February 2007

me... in a RL magazine?

Maybe it will happen sooner than you (and I) think. I received an e-mail from a RL Magazine asking me if I wanted to model for an article about Second Life. I might even be on the cover...
And I also received an offer to be a freelancer writer in a (great) SL magazine.
I work full-time in my RL job and on weird schedules. So I can't have a schedule in a SL job. That sucks! I saw an add at ETD but I didn't apply because of this. I can't commit to a SL job because of my RL job. Isn't that weird?


  1. Neat, Ana! That would be so cool to see you in a RL magazine (if you do it, tell us which one!). I have really been enjoying your blog!

  2. Hello Ida. I'm glad you stop by and very happy you like my pics! :)

    The RL magazine is Spirit, the magazine of Southwest Airlines (www.spiritmag.com) and the SL magazine is Avastar (www.the-avastar.com).