25 January 2008

Cherry Buttons Grand Opening

The Cherry Buttons mall just opened:

Right next door to Cotton Candy, Cherry Buttons is the newest in fashionable shopping. It hosts two new main stores: Thimbles and Pudge!

The creation of this new mall is all thanks to Russel Bay and MoonDoggies sim owner, who generously offered her land to build and develop. Great stores such as:
Milcaholic (Furniture and Prefabs)
Lotta (low prim couches and poses)
Lapin et Anato (Exhuberant hats)
Karamia (NEW SKINS!)
Mch (from scarves to ear muffs and furniture)
Pochette (cute clothes!)
Untone Quilt (adorable clothing)
Timberry (Classy, elegant styles).

Cherry Buttons

By the way, the pose is by .:[AnaLu]:. fresh poses.

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