10 February 2008


If you haven't got a change to attend the fashion show, here are the outfits I modelled.
I wish that people that attend these events would be more kind to models. In the runway we have to struggle with lag trying to look our best for others. The models usually reduce their graphics to the minimum. We expect that people that attend the events remove their AOs and all scripted attachments, remove their flip titles and remove all the bling they might be using. (Yes, we had blingtards attending the show!) Also, wear low prim hair and don't use too many prims in the outfit you wear at the show, like jewellery. People are there to see the models, not you!
I was very proud to model outfits from GHOST! and Aphrodite Creations wearing Aphrodite' shoes for METRO models.

If you want to see more pictures of the show you will find them in McFisto Furse flickr stream. You can beautiful pics like those when you have a profissional photographer doing them. ;)

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