12 January 2009

review | (Kunglers) Amazonia, Emilie, Alee, Copacabana and Medusa

I haven't posted about Kunglers by Avagardner and Barbra Kunglers in a while. Actually, for a long time. I preferred to hold back some of these garments instead of posting them right way due to their over exposure. Did I made any sense? Probably not...
In this posts, I am showing old not so recent sets and also the December releases. The Kunglers still remain talented and with great ideas. Although, I noticed some minor seams issue in some of the sets but might have to do with one of unsolved SL issues. On the other hand, they offer layer options and even attachment options. The prims are mod and some of them I tinted back to white.
Their creations remain innovating and full of detail. I must point out that in some of the sets they include manicure, earrings and even necklaces. I am still hoping that they will branch out to accessories and create a department at Kunglers for the accessories only.


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facelight CG Facelight 4.1 | Aenea's Fireflies
skin *REDGRAVE* Tan Skin -Vivian-
eyes *Reale Eyes* Natural Bliss (Titanium)
lashes Cake - Bedroom Lashes
hair >TRUTH<
accessories +plus* Peacock Earrings in silver tint* | (NO) Peacock Feather Necklace | Bliensen + MaiTai Bracelets Agroglyphe -shell- | (Dahlinks) Center of All Things - Onyx & SIlver set | [ICoN]ML Necklace and earrings (Silver)
footwear *UN!* Juicylicious Platform High Heels Unique Needs | *UN!* Death Dolly Goth Mary Jane Pumps Unique Needs | *UN!* French Kiss Standard High Heels Unique Needs
poses *Luth* | Tillie's Posing Stand
Second Life 1.22.5 (107013) Dec 31 2008 13:30:40 (Second Life Release Candidate)

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