12 January 2009

review | [MG fashion] Lune chic sweater dress

Some time ago, I begged suggested Maria Gherardi from MG fashion some sweater dresses (and a few other things). She thought it would be a good idea and started working in this fabulous piece. A few days ago, she showed the first pic and I threw a name that she liked and the Lune chic sweater dresses were created.
They are extremely versatility, not only due to all the layers Maria included, but also because of the different lengths and options. You can wear with hoodie or with collar, as a short sweater or as a long dress sweater. You can even wear without the prims at the bottom and it looks amazing. The sweater dresses are available in 18 colours as separates and also as fatpacks. All the darker fatpacks include the charcoal version.


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facelight CG Facelight 4.1 | Aenea's Fireflies
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eyes *Sin Skins* Intense II Light Gray eyes (med)
lashes (Miriel) Lashes - Glamour
hair * 0 Style * Mee *(Auburn) | * 0 Style *Prissy*(Auburn) | * 0 Style * Xiavy *(Auburn) | * 0 Style * Nao *(Auburn)
socks/stockings/leggings (Shiny Things) Knit knee socks - darks | Armidi Limited - Metallic Tights - Shimmer
bottom G.L.A.M. Buttoned Trousers in Tan (VG Republic) | LikeA*Std BLUE #201CM
footwear TOSL *Sweater Wellies* v1.8 Charcoal | [LP] Jax Boot -Winter -Black Swan (Lazy Places) | >TRUTH< Nomad Boot [tobacco] | Charlotte Brown Low Boots by INSOLENCE
poses *Luth* | Tillie's Posing Stand
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