11 February 2007


Name:: Ana
Age:: 31
Height:: I'm short: 1.57m
Weight:: 50kg
Right or left-handed:: right
Your heritage:: Portuguese
What is your favorite game?: Pictionary, Trivial Pursuit
Favorite color:: green
Least favorite color:: I used to hate yellow but now I like it. So... I don't know! Red, maybe.
Do you like to drive fast?: a bit.
Do you like thunderstorms?: sometimes
Do you eat the stems of broccoli?: I hate vegetables.
What was your first car?: Ford Fiesta
Is the glass half full or half empty?: I hope half full.
Do you type with your fingers on the right keys?: not really
What’s under your bed?: shoes
What are your favorite sports to watch?: motos
Single biggest intense pain?: tooth
The best places you have ever been?: Prague, Budapest, Warsaw, Brasil, all of Spain.
Hamburgers or hot dogs?: hamburguers
What’s your favorite restaurant?: Indian
Favorite food?: potatos with something
Britney Spears is a skank–agree or disagree?: Don't like her
What type of music do you dislike most?: bad music, like rock fm
Do you take illegal drugs?: I took...
Does someone have a crush on you?: Don't think so...
Do you really know all the words to the national anthem?: no
Favorite drink?: coke
Favorite alcoholic drink?: white wine
Do you believe in love at first sight?: maybe at second
What’s your favorite animal?: cats, cats, cats
What do you think about most?: I want a new job!
Do you like to play in the rain?: no... I'll get wet and is raining a lot now.
Are you a risk taker?: not really
How many people have you had sex with in ‘06?: one
Have you ever been to jail?: in SL, yes
How many states have you lived in?: I never moved from Lisbon.
Hugs or kisses?: Both
Who is your best friend?: my best friend is someone I can trust
What do you sleep in?: a bed
Piercings? Tattoos?: piercings
Biggest pet peeve?:
I have low tolerance for people who….: lie…
Do you sleep with the TV on?: sometimes
Do you have a TV in your bedroom?: yes
Are you good at keeping secrets?: yes...
How do you spell relief?: damn it!
Can you handle the truth?: yes, I think
Current car?: Ford Fiesta
Are you in love?: YES!
Hair color?: natural brown, dyed copper
What are you afraid of?: dark
Last time you cried?: last week
Favorite car?: VW Golf
Number of keys on your keyring?: a lot.
Favorite day of the week?: Friday
Day or night?: afternoon
Best advice you’ve ever received?: be yourself and don't worry
Favorite quote?: Stupid people are happier
Favorite type of music?:
Your biggest weakness?: shoes, boots and purses (in RL)
Are you close to your parents?: I believe so.
Do you swear?: a lot
Favorite song at the moment?: Evil - Interpol
Read books?: Yes.
Have a religion?: nope
Vegetable you love/hate?: hate
Worst habits?: Second Life or smoke, can't decide
Do you like to watch porn?: not really

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