31 December 2007

[review] ~.~RPC~.~ Staples Cream Set

Rose Farina from Rose Petal made a huge released of pants and skirts to go with the warm sweaters we have been seeing around SL. The gorgeous Staples collections includes pants, casual skirts and mini skirts in sienna, rose, orchid, forest, cranberry, azure and cream. Rose also made a brown and a black belt. The belts are a true bargain and the prim work is amazing.
The Casual Skirt is a knee length skirt. Both skirts include skirt base (pants layer), prim skirt and scripted prim skirt. The Pants come in pants and underpants layers with prim cuffs.

Rose Petal Creations

The prices for the Staples collections are: Staples the Sets - each: 250L$; Staples Casual Skirts Collection - pack: 600L$, each 100L$; Staples The Mini Skirt Collection - pack: 600L$, each 100L$; Staples the Pants Collection - pack: 450L$, each 75L$ and Staples The Basic Belts - 50L$.

skin: Serie 2 Skin** Sunkissed Makeup 4 :: DT ::
eyes: []::Tuli::[] steel eyes
lashes: (CS) Prim Lashes - Size 2
hair: ETD Deidra - Scarlet
sweater: G.L.A.M. Twill Sweater (Gray)
shoes: "L&E" Chloe sculpted flats - silver
POSES: Reel Expression

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