20 December 2007

what I have been up to

The past few days, I have been mostly in the Beta grid or off world trying to make poses. After one year in SL, I suddenly felt the need to do something. I would like to learn how to script and I have always been curious about poses. I started by reading a few things in the wiki, search the forums for answers and bugged my twitter friends for help. So far I have a few scripted objects and 12 poses. It's not much and it's not perfect but it's something. The items aren't all in my OnRez store because SL went out when I was about to take pics of the poses.
That is the main reason why I have been posting much in here. Besides, I recently took up on a project to interview Portuguese speaking people in SL to publish here. My idea, my project - lots of work.
I can be reached by mail, GTalk or even Skype - if there's anything someone needs help with.

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