14 June 2007

massage me... oops! message me!

Your feedback (about this blog) is very important to me. I want to know what you like (or not) most about this blog, what you feel about my posts, what do you want to see here and/or what I am doing wrong (or right). I also would like to know your tips about places, fashion, clubs, whatever in SL. Or just say blah in that new box I’ve place in the blog.
I have been a RL blogger for the past 4 years. That is an eternity for a blogger. My RL weblog used to have about 4000 visitors a day. I know how comments are important in blogs. Sometimes, they can be more important than the post itself. That is why I always leave a comment when I visit a blog. Now, with SL I am not blogging much there but I still have about 2000 visitors a day and a lot people leaving comments.
Some people IM me in-world telling me that they like this blog. That feels SO good! It is kind of odd seeing all the visitors and not getting any reaction about this. I am a shy girl. I guess so are my readers. But, nevertheless, thanks for dropping by!

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