12 June 2007

skins: Alina Vintage by Naughty Designs

I didn't know Naughty skins 'till about a month ago. I fought the lag and went home with a bunch of demos to try. After trying a few demos, I fell in love with Alina. I like my Vogue skins but Alina is so perfect and I look so good in it. A few days ago, I’ve discover the Alina Vintage skins. So, I went back to pick up some demos. Well, all the demos! My choice tone is fair. I look like I have a lil tan but not too much. The beach tan tone reminds of the look I usually have at the end of the Summer after spending some time in the beach. The fair tone is my favorite. You look like you spent a lazy afternoon in a terrace by the beach.
Alina Vintage | Alina Vintage at the foruns

In the Vintage skins you can choose from 4 different options of smokey eyes or 3 different options of dangerous eyelashes. Each skins costs 1400 L$ with bald and hair version and three types of prim hair.
I would buy a pack of these skins...
If you need a direct LM to these skins, IM me in-world.

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