21 June 2007

[review] Devilish Cupcake

Abby Coalcliff from Devilish Cupcake droped in me a folder filled with cookies.
Devilish Cupcake now has an official store opening to the public Saturday June23,2007 at 7:30am SL time.
The tops are very bright and very sweet. Just perfect for the hot lazy summer afternoons and perfect evenings to come.
I am wearing Abbyshorts-DarkBlue and Abbyshorts-MedBlue. The tops are GaneshaTop and KrishbaTop on the first set. In the second, SophiaTop-sunshine and SophiaTop-lime&coconut. In the last set, I am wearing LyndzeeTube-dark-purp, LyndzeeTube-dark-vcut-pink, LyndzeeTube-dark-vcut-teal and LyndzeeTube-dark-pink. All the tops are on the jacket layer.

SL-AnaLutetia104.jpg, originally uploaded by Ana Lutetia.

SL-AnaLutetia105.jpg, originally uploaded by Ana Lutetia.

SL-AnaLutetia106.jpg, originally uploaded by Ana Lutetia.

Devilish Cupcake

skin: Vogue - Deviant Nation
hair: ETD and Celestial Studios

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