29 October 2007

[review] Dutch Touch

Iki Ikarus from Dutch Touch has made more gorgeous outfits. The store has tons of outfits and separates for women and men.
In the first pic I am wearing the MIRCat Grey that comes with fishnet tanktop, pants, strip shirt and sweater shirt (jacket layer). In the second pic, it's pUK Grey that has fishnet stockings, jacket, pants, prim skirt. Then I slipped into Fiep that contains pants, prim robes, shirt plaid (jacket layer), striped longsleeves, tanktop (undershirt) and tucked tanktop (underpants layer). In the last pic, I am wearing separates: SeXeH ThEnK. These tanks are available in 5 different colours.
Dutch Touch is, definitely, one of my favourite stores! I adore Iki's ideas and sense of fashion.

Dutch Touch

wearing: Aenea's Fireflies | Awesome Designs Manicure Glitter Nails Black | -Hiccup- Slow Jamz 2007 - Burgundy | *Sin Skins* Fluff Lashes | *PBI* Trilogy Buckles (Lost Highway) | (Shiny Things) Industrial chain - black | Unisex 3 Lip Ring w/Labret Spikes (Quixotic Trance) | (Shiny Things) Old Boots - reddish | Cake - Modern Art Bracelet | Cake - Modern Art Necklace | (Shiny Things) Old Laceup Boots - blue | *Etchd* Creeper | -Hiccup- Amelieish - Burgundy | (Shiny Things) Industrial cuffs - black | (Shiny Things) Comfy Boots - charcoal

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