21 October 2007

[review] [MG fashion] Outono outfit

My friend Maria Gherardi from MG fashion has released some new goodies. She has a new Outono outfit! Each outfit comes ins all the layers that you can think of and with a prim (mod) skirt with a flower pattern. The outfit was made in three colours: green, olive and purple. In each colour you will find 3 different tops with 3 different matching tights. Besides the outfits, Maria has made the tops in gray and charcoal.
MG fashion was grown from a small shop to 4 shops around the grid. The main shop is still in Portucalis but the other shops are so cute.

MG fashion - Portucalis | MG fashion - Mystikal Hair (featured designers area) | MG fashion - Neufreistadt | MG fashion - Cotton Candy

wearing: Aenea's Fireflies | *Sin Skins* Luminous Obsidian Eyes | *Sin Skins* Fluff Lashes | []::Tuli::[] S3 medium tone/brown brows ~ fresh | AI - Long Wavy - AVEDA Ruby | LC Vamp: Bound - Antique Gold | LC Vamp: Bound - Brushed Steel | "L&E" Chloe sculpted flats

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