12 October 2007

[review] EyeFidelity from Shapes by Zada

Zada Zenovka from Shapes by Zada dropped on me eyes from Eyefidelity. Besides the options I am showing, at the store you will tons of different colours and options for your eyes. She has made different eyes to adjust the daylight settings in SL.


Eyefidelity are some of the most realistic eyes in Second life, available in two sizes, IdealEyes which are SL standard size, and RealEyes which are slightly smaller to more closely match real life. Each color comes with 3 options for different highlighting and pupil sizes for indoor, outdoor and nighttime lighting.
Dark Marble / Midnight sun - Deep browns, very rich and dark but still full of detail.
Sharbat / Sharbat Bright - Inspired by "Sharbat", the Afghan girl with haunting eyes made famous in a National Geographic cover. Described by one of my testers as "like Fred Astaire dancing, the very complex performed with a simple smile - beauty with an easy grace."
Ocean / Moss Green - Subtler than my current greens, filling a gap in the range for more bluey-green colors.
White Gray / Gunmetal - Something for the less traditionally minded!
I am selling these Doublepacks for my regular price of 100L, so that's 100L for 3 versions each of 2 colors, or 6 eyes in total. There are also fatpacks available of all 8 colors, 24 eyes in total, for 360L.

Again, a picture of my normal self:

wearing: ETD Mary - Crimson Faded | *Sin Skins* Luminous Obsidian Eyes | *Sin Skins* Ferra Lashes | []::Tuli::[] medium tone/brown brows ~ 01 | p.c.; Vintage Flower Set | **Mis** Falling In - Robin | Tekilah's -Crisis Pumps I by Tekilah Elytis

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