08 October 2007

[review] Stellar Designs - Autumn

Lexi Morgan was very sweet to drop on me some cute outfits from Stellar Designs. I am wearing the Autumn outfit. This set has a plaid flex skirt with the smart skirt and a sweater with sculpted sleeves and turtleneck. The prims are mod and the outfits looks good with or without the prim attachments.
In Stellar Designs you will find from gowns to casuals and some costumes for Halloween.

Stellar Designs

wearing: Perfect Image Glow by Aradia Dielli | Armidi Hair - The Emo One - Red | (CS) Vogue Skin - Cashmere (Fall - 1) Freckled | -corduroy- catero's leggings! | (Shiny Things) Comfy Boots - purple

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