15 October 2007

[review] Mimikri Hot Couture

Mimikri Kit from Mimikri hot couture is a talented designer. Her outfits are always completely different from the usual around SL. The textures are amazing and her ideas are fantastic.
Cara is a simple and sexy combination. The set contains black leather pants, black leather leggings and black drape top.
Impress Your Teacher comes in 4 colours and each set contains tank top, blouse, flexi skirt, socks and panties.
Trixi is an elegant set for a cocktail party. The set contains a drape bustier, drape skirt, flexi skirt and 2 bows.
Tweedy is a sweet outfit with a fur boa in 3 different colours. The set contains striped cardigan, tweed skirt, skirt base, fur boa, 2 fur cuffs and fur collar.

Mimikri hot couture

wearing: Aenea's Fireflies | Awesome Designs Manicure Glitter Nails Black | ETD - AI - Long Wavy - AVEDA Ruby | *Sin Skins* Luminous Obsidian Eyes | []::Tuli::[] S3 medium tone/black brows ~ mirage | Black Wrapped Pearl Necklace~Textured by Bonita Popinjay | Black Pearl Single Wrap Bracelet 1 and Single Wrap Bracelet 2 by Bonita Popinjay | LC Covet: Liah - Onyx | ETD Chalisa II - Crimson Faded | []::Tuli::[] S3 medium tone/brown brows ~ halo breeze | Cake - 80's Pop Bracelet | /artilleri/ lulu3 *blue* bracelet | Schadenfreude - Flewksbriar (set) | Maitreya Bloom Black | ETD Juliana - Auburn | []::Tuli::[] S3 medium tone/black brows ~ sunset | Alienbear - Princess Diantha Set (white) | *SM* "Essential" Rosy Brown/Black Stiletto | ETD Tasha - Crimson Faded | []::Tuli::[] S3 medium tone/black brows ~ autumn | TESLA - 'Jane' -lime- Shoes

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