03 September 2007

Fashion Consolidated group

A lot of time ago, I've posted about a new group starting in SL - Fashion Consolidated group. The group is huge and has tons of notices about new stores and new products. Back then the group had 350 members, now has 1862 and it gave birth to a new group Fashion Consolidated Cafe - just for chat about products - with 46 members.
A group this big is hard to manage. Honey Fairweather has been doing an amazing job alone but the group needs help. To help FashCon, Galea Yates (from Fancy Schmancy's) has made the Griffe belt and all proceeds from that belt will go straight to "Fashion Consolidated". Basically, Honey needs staff to help run the group but staff costs L$. Every week, she has to add ALL the new designers and all the work that involves around SL.

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