25 September 2007

[review] /artilleri/ beatrix shirt

These tops from /artilleri/ are not new but they are SO adorable that I had to post about them. They come in shirt and jacket with prim attachments to the collar (spine and chest) and cuffs. The prims are mod. The tops come in red, pink, orange, yellow, black, purple, lightblue and green.
If you haven't never been to /artilleri/ you will find a store with all you can imagine: separates, accessories, shoes, hair, skins, tattoos. The store is one of the cutest I have found in SL.


The pics were taken in Torino
wearing: Awesome Designs French Tip Manicure White | TaP Vivant Buff Feline 1 | ETD Mary - Fire | Schadenfreude - Flewksbriar (necklace and earrings) | LF - Isabeax Leather Pants. [Black] | LF - Isabeax Leather Pants. [Pink] | LF - Isabeax Leather Pants. [Brown] | TESLA - Vinyl Vixens -BLACK- Heels

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